Scattering Cremains

Calumet Park Cemetery is unique in that we are the only ones in the area who can offer cremation scattering by aircraft. If requested, a loved one’s cremains can be scattered in the air from our own private plane, such as over Lake Michigan while family and friends watch from the beach. A service that includes scattering cremains can be a unique and memorable way to remember someone.

Calumet Park's rules pertaining to air scattering, in accordance with Indiana state law, are as follows:

  • Scattering must take place in Indiana only and within 50 miles of Calumet Park Cemetery. We can accommodate locations beyond 50 miles, as well. Please call our office at (219-769-8803) for more information.
  • Scattering may take place over private land with written permission of the land owner
  • Scattering can take place over public land such as a national or state park, or over public waterways such as Lake Michigan
  • The latitude and longitude of the location will be recorded for personal files of the deceased
  • Cremains must be reduced to the size of BB's

Calumet Park offers this service using its own plane and pilot, so that your loved one's cremains are never out of our possession. The cost of this service is $300. If you are interested in scattering the cremains of a loved one by aircraft, call our office at 219-769-8803 to learn more.