Embrace the Beauty of Calumet Park

Calumet Park is a spacious and fitting place to embrace the beauty of a loved one’s life. The 9th largest cemetery in the United States, Calumet Park spans more than 400 acres. Nestled among the lush, green landscape are gardens and ponds, stately mausoleums and monuments, and private spaces to remember, honor and embrace those who have departed.

Twice named among the two best cemeteries in the United States (by American Cemetery magazine), we are committed to preserving a sense of awe, nature and spirit. For every funeral we oversee we add a tree of honor in our “Forest of Faith.” We encourage our guests to explore the numerous scenic areas and nature paths throughout the park. It is common to see couples and families taking wedding or prom photos amidst the splendorous landscapes of Calumet Park.

If you explore Calumet Park you will discover many attractions including:

•  Meditation Pond

•  Veterans Memorial Columbarium

•  Back to Nature and Butterfly Cenotaph

•  Garden of Angels

•  Bell Tower

•  Catholic Priests Circle

•  Precious and Life Giving Cross

•  Battle of the Bulge Monument

•  Serbian Monument

•  Holy Family Feature

•  Man-Made Lake

•  Mausoleum Complex (the Largest in Northern Indiana)

•  Serbian, Macedonian, Greek Orthodox Sections

•  Protestant, Catholic, Non-Denominational Sections

•  Crucifixion/Passion Walk Hill in Development

•  Forrest of Faith

•  Lake Front Graves

•  Lake Front Private Estates®

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Explore Calumet Park

It's easy to lose yourself in the park's vast beauty and attention to service. There is no place more fitting to honor a loved one.