Burial Plots, Burial Vaults and Memorialization

At Calumet Park you can honor a loved one’s life amid the the serenity and grace of our rolling green lawns and lakeside vistas. Your loved one’s spirit and memory can live on through customized burial vaults, a mausoleum burial and more. We know that Calumet Park is a place where families return, year after year. We strive to make every visit special.

We provide a wide variety of memorialization options, and our process to help you determine how to best memorialize your loved one is simple, and sensitive. We will meet with you and guide you through the cemetery grounds, showing you various burial plots and burial vaults, exploring your perspectives and options. Ultimately, the decision is in your hands; but our expertise can guide you.

We are happy to accommodate special requests, such as if one family member wants a cemetery burial and another wishes to be cremated, yet they still want to be together. In this case we can arrange for common burial in the same plot.

Choices to consider will include:

      • Ground Burial or Cremation

      • Mausoleum Entombment Niche Inurnment

      • Green Burial

      • The Forest of Faith (We plant a commemorative tree for     every person who uses one of our funeral homes.)

      • Grief Counseling, Education and Support

      • Gravesite Memorial Options

Ground Burial

We provide families with many in-ground cemetery burial options including large family estate lots, multiple space lots and single grave spaces.


Calumet Park maintains a variety of facilities for the interment of cremated remains and a full selection of urns, niches and urn gardens. We also offer bench, tree and statue memorial interment of cremated remains, and in-ground burial for both casketed and cremated remains.

• Cremation Niches
Cremation niches are available in our mausoleum and our outdoor cremation garden. These small above ground niches typically accommodate two urns and are memorialized with engraving, bronze or laser etching. Our cremation garden, which is landscaped with trees, flowing water and beautiful flower beds, provides families with a uniquely tranquil setting.


At one time, mausoleum burial was available only to royalty, the famed or the very wealthy. Today, they are popular choices that are affordable for almost anyone. Mausoleum burial allows for above ground entombment in either community buildings or specially designed family structures. We offer custom designed private family mausoleums and vestibule mausoleums, a community mausoleum, pre-assembled companion mausoleums (two private side-by-side companion spaces) and more.

• Community Mausoleum
The community mausoleum at Calumet Park features beautiful architecture enhanced by glorious stained glass windows. It includes a crypt space for single caskets, and cremation niches which can hold one to two cremations. Families may opt to have a glass front on the niche for a photo.

• Private Family Mausoleums
Only recently have family mausoleums become affordable options for many. Families who choose a mausoleum appreciate their privacy and their ability to create a personalized eternal place of remembrance. A family mausoleum also removes the burden of deciding final arrangements for family members in the years to come.

Selecting a family mausoleum is a permanent investment requiring thoughtful, thorough consideration. We suggest an orderly step-by-step approach to eliminate uncertainties, minimize expenses and assure selection of a family mausoleum that meets all of your requirements.

Visit our Resources page for more information on our many burial options.

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It's easy to lose yourself in the park's vast beauty and attention to service. There is no place more fitting to honor a loved one.