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Would you want this job?

     Wow, who is going to answer that ad?

     The job title is “Family Service Counselor”.

     It could be an ad written for just about any cemetery or funeral home in the country.  These positions are filled with some of the most caring men and women in your community; and maybe even a friend or relative of yours works as a counselor. Almost all of them never knew that the job existed up until the time they answered the ad for the job.

     Very few young people ‘decide’ when they grow up that they want to become a family service counselor, or more succinctly put, a person who will ‘council a family on making cemetery and funeral arrangements’.   At the time of need, funeral arrangements must be made with a licensed funeral director.

After a death, what happens before committing your loved one to their final resting place? This post takes about 2 minutes to downoad but it is very helpful and is filled with photos.

Above photo is at the cemetery on the day of the funeral. What is the process from the time of passing to the actual burial of a loved one? Read the full article to get a general understanding of what will be required of you as the legal next-of-kin responsible for making the arrangements.

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