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What should you do if someone dies at home……

     What should your do if someone should die at home?

The police should be called first unless the decedent’s physician was in attendance or if the death occurred due to unknown circumstances.  The coroner or medical examiner will need to be notified to officially pronounce the death.

Family members, or whomever is to be legally responsible for the final disposition of the deceased, should be notified.  A funeral director needs to be called as soon as possible to transfer the body from the place of death to the funeral home.

Your funeral director (Call Calumet Park Funeral Chapel 736-5840 for more information) will need to know if there will be a viewing and visitation.  If so, you will be asked for permission to embalm.

There is a certain amount of information that you will be asked

Remembering the reason for Memorial Weekend…

Dead men and women who wore a military uniform for the protection of all of our rights as a free people…that’s what the weekend is all about!  Not hot dogs, or parades or sales at the mall.  We honor those who fought and died for this great country – period!  And, we do it collectively as a nation on this one day of honor – Memorial Day.

     When a mother or father is handed a flag at a funeral, some of the pain is masked by a sense of pride that a son or daughter gave his or her all for his or her country.  The solemn process of guns going off in salute, the folding of the flag, a single trumpet masks the heart-wrenching reality of another life taken way too soon.  When the sun slowly drops over the horizon and the sky turns to black, every survivor knows all too well how life will go on all around them but life for them

What is the death rate in NW Indiana and why should you care?

     It is amazing how most of us buy insurance for things that might happen.  If you have a house, you most likely have homeowners insurance.  Has your house ever burned to the ground?  Has a burglar ever pulled a truck up to your place and completely cleaned you out?  Yet, you have been paying your homeowner’s insurance for years.  In fact, if you

Oh, so very sad…..

photo from
    She stood on the beach with the tall grass blowing in the warm, summer breeze.  No movement, no looking up and down the dunes.  She would come on Sundays and look out at the water of Lake Michigan.
     The first time she came, she knocked on Rosie’s door and timidly asked if she could park her car for a few minutes because she needed to walk over the dunes and all the beach parking was full.  She held a small cardboard box, and looked at Rosie with so much sadness in her eyes that Rosie quickly granted her permission to park.
     True to her word, she returned within 15 minutes, got in her car and drove off.  Rosie didn’t give it much thought, until the young lady came the next week, and the next and the next after that.  Each time she politely knocked on the door of the big red house, and each time Rosie let her park there. 

More than filling a company checkbook…honoring veterans at Calumet Park Cemetery


     In a recent meeting with local American Legion Commanders and other veteran groups, as the general Manager of Calumet Park cemetery, I was shocked when told that not much is being done by local cemeteries and funeral homes for veterans.  A follow-up meeting was arranged to discuss putting together a program that does more than pay lip service when honoring veterans.  Combining the input from these groups with the needs of individual veterans who were pollled, a new program has been created that is unlike anything seen in any cemetery or funeral home in this area.

Sharing is a good thing…pass it on….

          If you find that the posts  at mycalumetpark are informative, please pass them on to a friend.  We all need educating in the area of planning a funeral and making cemetery arrangements.  The articles are meant to inform and they are written for each and every reader to absorb, to understand and to help you ask the right questions if and when you are the person who has the role of deciding on someone’s final arrangements. 

     You may even decide that it is time for you to prearrange your own

Maybe a private mausoleum is right for you…..

The private mausoleum shown is in place and ready for use at Calumet Park Cemetery.   This private mausoleum on a private estate lot that also has space for six ground burials may be the ideal final resting place for your family.  The price has been greatly reduced (25% discount – was $85,023.10…now only $63,767.33) as a Memorial Day special promotion.

This crypt, known as “the Scott” by the manufacturer, was put in place just as the economy was shifting.  The family service department has always had inquiries about private estates, but always at the time of

Happy Mothers Day…

May the blessings of God shine down upon all mothers on this special day, and on all of “mom’s” kids whose mothers have gone home to be with our Creator.  This day can be especially difficult for us who can’t just pick up the phone to say the simple words “Happy Mother’s Day”  And for some of us, this will be the first Mother’s Day without Mom, and it will be hard, and lonely, and confusing, and … and …

How we got started…..

Fred R. Vogel (c) and Fr. John J. Lach (r)
     In 1926, Fr. John Lach, Fred Vogel, Elmer W. Barth and Stephen Kovacik had a dream of providing a service to the community that was not readily available to all of its citizens.  At that time in history, a particular church had a cemetery and would not

There’s nothing to be afraid of…

Meeting with one of our Family Service Counselors to talk about prearranging a funeral will do quite the opposite…it will take away many of your fears.  These people are not fast talking, blue suede shoe, high pressure sales people trying to part you from your money.  The people that you will visit with  are

You said you would call…

     It wasn’t that long ago that lawmakers deemed it necessary to make telemarketing all but illegal.  By developing “do not call” lists it is possible for people to register and not be bothered by those pesty telemarketers. 

     I remember years ago when I had my own company, we depended heavily on the telephone to help us develop prospects.  There were a number of people that did not want to be bothered with intrusive phone calls, and you said you would call if you wanted to buy anything…but you didn’t! 

Life at a cemetery…did you know?

tree identifiers

Did you know that life abounds within the property lines of Calumet Park Cemetery?   Besides our nature preserve that is at the north end of the cemetery with elevated bird houses and bird hotels, we have geese, raccoons, deer, squirrel, fish, turtles, rabbits, and the occasional beaver who call the cemetery home.

And trees…do we have trees!  We have over 16 specific species of trees within the park.  Over the years, schools have asked

Memorial Weekend Activities at Calumet Park Cemetery 2011

To find out the Memorial Weekend schedule at Calumet Park Cemetery in Merrillville, Indiana, look at the final page of the Spring 2011 Calumet Park Newsletter.   You are invited to join with your friends, neighbors and family at any event that meets your needs.  A special invitation goes out to all veterans in town for the weekend and to all who wish to honor them at the special veteran ceremony as shown on the schedule.

You can find the schedule at

What do you say when someone dies? What not to say!

Overheard at just about every funeral service is, “I know how your feel,” or its close cousin, “I know what you are going through.”

Guess what?   You do not.  You do not even really know how you would feel if you just lost your child or parent, or anybody you cared about for that matter.   And if you lost your child, or parent or anybody you care about, that experience is your own – and it is unique to only you.

I remember…

It was the late ’60s and the country was changing unlike any other time in history.  Love them or not, everyone knew of the Beatles, flower power, drugs and parents not knowing what to do about their kids with their long hair and big ideas on what was wrong with the world.

Flags were being burned and protests against the war in Vietnam were on the front pages of newspapers in big and small towns across America while some of the youth of the nation crossed into Canada to avoid the draft.

This is not their story.  This is my story (Daniel Moran – in photo). I am from a very small town in upstate New York.  Patriotism was served up with mom’s apple pie and 4th of July was a day of celebration, fireworks and hot dogs gobbled up as if there was a ticket to heaven for whoever ate the most.

What does a funeral director do?

Calumet Park Funeral Chapel is a proud member of the IFDA

People often wonder what exactly a funeral director does.  Few people think about it until they need the services of a funeral director, and then are either too emotional or too shy to ask.  So, let us answer the question here, away from sitting down at a time of need, and see if we can help you understand and appreciate just what a funeral director does.

A funeral director takes what is called “the first call” from a hospital or home when a person has passed away, and gets permission for the release of the body to be taken to the funeral home.  If circumstances are such that a need for embalming is established, the funeral director will get the proper legal permission to embalm.

Simply stated, the quicker such permission is granted and the embalming is completed, the better the person will look for a viewing.  Embalming is not required except in certain circumstances – call one of our funeral directors for more details.

Would you want this job?

     Wow, who is going to answer that ad?

     The job title is “Family Service Counselor”.

     It could be an ad written for just about any cemetery or funeral home in the country.  These positions are filled with some of the most caring men and women in your community; and maybe even a friend or relative of yours works as a counselor. Almost all of them never knew that the job existed up until the time they answered the ad for the job.

     Very few young people ‘decide’ when they grow up that they want to become a family service counselor, or more succinctly put, a person who will ‘council a family on making cemetery and funeral arrangements’.   At the time of need, funeral arrangements must be made with a licensed funeral director.