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Marvin Ray Barnes

November 17, 2020

Marvin Ray Barnes was born on November 7, 1962 to James and Loy Barnes. He grew up on the west side of Chicago with his 7 brothers and sisters, and was the second youngest. He enjoyed bike riding, studying insects and bugs, and playing marbles.

He was known for wreaking havoc and getting into mischief in the neighborhood. His sister Renease said that when local boys started to bother her one day, she heard a boy say, “Uh un. That’s Marvin’s sister. Don’t mess with her.” Then the boys proceeded to leave her alone.

Marvin gained the nickname “Bird” in his family. He and his four brothers were known as “The Buzzards” by their mother. That sense of humor definitely passed on, because Marvin became well known for his.

He was constantly bringing laughs to the lives of those around him, even at a young age. Though some jokes were hit and miss, Marvin always guaranteed HIMSELF a good laugh. He especually loved poking light hearted fun at people.

At age 11, Marvin received salvation through Jesus Christ, and was filled with the Holy Spirit. He attended Solid Rock Church of the Living God. Where he was known for his powerful and Davidic styled praise. He would dance and shout right out of his shoes. His dancing in church became a reputation that followed him all the days of his life. It became infamous.

He also sang in the teen choir, where he couldn’t necessarily hold a note, but could definitely carry the anointing. And though he would try to hide from the church van that would pick them up for choir rehearsals, because he wanted to stay and play with his friends, Marvin quickly learned that God had bigger plans for him than baseball and foot races.

After graduating from high school and receiving his diploma from St. Patrick High, Marvin was called into ministry just a few short years later, at the age of 20.

In an interview, someone asked Marvin how he knew he was called. His reply was, “One day I was home watching TV, when I heard a voice call my name. I responded, but no one answered. So I blew it off. I decided to keep watching TV. Then I heard the voice again. ‘Marvin!’ I heard an actual voice! I got up and walked around the house trying to see who it was. Only to realize that I was the only one home. That’s when it hit me. And I remember saying ‘Uh oh…’ to myself. I thought about the story of Samuel and Eli, and realized that God was calling me. So I answered. I replied, ‘Yes Lord.’ and the voice stopped. God got my yes.”

Then God took him at his word. Marvin was preparing to leave a revival early, to take his mother to work. She instead, insisted that they stay. The Holy Spirit weighed so heavy on Marvin, that he became pinned to the floor. He wiggled and moved and fought. But he just could not get up. Not until he agreed to confess his calling in front of leadership. The rest is history.

Shortly, after that, he was sitting in a church service where he saw a group of sisters walking into the church. One of which really stood out to him. This was love at first sight. Marvin described it as the world going in slow motion, as he saw this young lady walking down the aisle of the church. He said he spoke up and told God, “I want her.”

Well, God honored his request. The young lady was named Marva Kimbrough and became Marva Barnes on September 13, 1987. They were married and had two daughters, Mariah and Marissa.

In the year 2000, Marvin became the assistant pastor of Maranatha Temple Church of the Living God. Under the Pastoral leadership of the great, Bishop Preston Raper, he preached awesome sermons, taught sunday school, and had both children called to ministry. He later joined Living Word Church in Lansing, Il. Where the pastor is the wonderful and kind, Pastor Dave Prince.

Marvin lived his life for the sole purpose of being pleasing to God. He ministered to those around him, wasn’t afraid to share the gospel, lived what he preached, loved his wife, led his family, and was an example to many. He was a brother to Renease, Pamela, Douglas, Anthony, David, Michael, and Dennis. He was a husband to Marva Barnes. He was a father to Mariah and Marissa. He was a father in law to William T. Jackson II. He was a grandfather to Tanayzia, Isabella, and Alannah. He was many things to many people. Most importantly though, he was a son of God. He IS a son of God. And now he is standing before him. Seeing the very things he preached about. Experiencing what he spent his whole life living for. Walking the streets of gold that he sang about. Seeing the face of the God that he preached about.

Philippians 1:21 says, “To live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Marvin lived for Christ. Now he has gained all the joy, prosperity, happiness, health, and wholeness that he can possibly handle.

Friends are invited to visit with the family On Tuesday, November 24, 2020 from 2:00pm until 5:00pm at Calumet Park Funeral Chapel ( 370 N. County Line Rd. Hobart IN.) Please practice social distancing and everyone is required to wear a mask in the building. Any questions please cal 219-940-3791


Tuesday, November 24, 2020
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Calumet Park Funeral Chapel Hobart/Portage

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Calumet Park Funeral Chapel Hobart/Portage

370 N. County Line Road, Hobart, IN 46342  VIEW MAP

T 219-940-3791
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