Anthony Gulyas

November 9, 2020

Anthony Gulyas, our dad, passed away at 96 on Monday, Nov 9, 2020. Because of the COVID crisis my brother Dave and I could only intermittently visit him at his assisted living residence for the past year, but we could see that he was doing well mentally and emotionally, and that was gratifying. When someone reaches their mid 90’s the sense that they’ve enjoyed a long life becomes the underlying sentiment, overruling feelings of foreboding.

Anthony served our country during the Second World War with the US Coast Guard, deployed in the Pacific from 1942 to 1946, helping secure newly liberated islands and further assisting the war effort by operating radar control. After the war he came back to his hometown, Gary, Indiana, and worked at U.S. Steel and later at American Bridge as a design draftsman. He married and had three sons. He enjoyed coaching little league baseball, playing golf and taking trips with his family to national parks and urban centers.

Upon retiring, with more time on his hands, he tapped into his aptitude for building design and built out of nothing more than match sticks, several large models of iconic, universally recognized buildings.

Dad had lifelong friends from diverse backgrounds, was an effective union organizer and always enjoyed socializing. He instilled in my brother and me an appreciation for understanding the world from others’ point of view. At the end he got to hear from emergency room staff that Joe Biden had won the election and was gratified at the news. He is survived by two remaining sons, Stephen and David and will be interred with his late spouse, Anita, and youngest son, Jefferey. Thank you for your service and rest in peace, Tony!

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