Michelle Hanrahan, Funeral Director, reading off the names as families hang their angel on the tree.

It is that time of year once again. Mark your calendars and make a quick call to the funeral home of your choice as shown below to be sure to order your free glass angel to hang on the Angel Tree.


Calumet Park Funeral Chapel in Merrillville on December 7 from 3-5. Call 219-736-5840 to reserve your angel. Located at 7535 Taft Street, Merrillville.

Calumet Park Funeral Chapel in Hobart on December 6 from 6-8. Call 219-940-3791 to reserve your angel. Located just north of the County Line Apple Orchard in Hobart, 370 N. County Line Road, Hobart.

Rendina Funeral Home on December 5 from 6-8. Call 219-980-1141 to reserve your angel. Located at 5100 Cleveland Street, Gary.

This event is filled with emotion and all that attend cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to have such a special tree lighting ceremony for their lost loved ones. There will be live music, a welcome address by Paul Vogel, CEO of Calumet Park, the reading of names followed by the hanging of the angels on the tree. After the tree is lit for the Christmas season, families and friends may gather for refreshments and good fellowship. Hope to see you there.

To ensure that you have an angel with your loved ones name, and dates of birth and death, call now. See you there.