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The 11th Annual Butterfly Release Ceremony is coming up soon. It will be held on July 20 at 11:00 a.m. at Calumet Park Cemetery on the corner of 73rd and Taft in Merrillville (1 mile north of Route 30 on Taft). This is an hour long event that celebrates the memory of those folks that have preceded us in death. There will be live music, readings, and live butterflies for each person in attendance. To be sure you get a butterfly, call before July 10 to reserve yours. The butterflies are compliments of Calumet Park so please call now to 219-769-8803 to help us get an accurate count of the number of butterflies that must be ordered. There were 600 butterflies released last year and we would love it to be a thousand or more this year. Remember to bring a lawn chair or blanket for your comfort as this is an outdoor event and must be held, rain or shine, as the butterflies must be released. Thanks and hope to see you there.

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Although not part of Release, I just loved this scene last week near the 5 acre lake at Calumet Park Cemetery