Just before sunrise at Calumet Park Cemetery at the corner of 73rd and Taft in Merrillville, IN.
One of the local newspapers called the other day as they were planning to run a story about what cemeteries do when it is this cold out.  In talking with Tim McClure, the grounds superintendent for over 14 years and employee for over 32, the answer is much like the line made famous in the baseball movie: “build it and they will come”.  In other words, Calumet Park has never been unavailable for a burial, regardless of the weather.  If a family wants a funeral regardless of the weather, Calumet Park will meet their needs.  That is not to say that the weather hasn’t caused some families to hold off for a burial until better conditions arrived.  The same philosophy applies to our three funeral homes.  Call for more info or if you have any questions.  We are here to serve.