Meditation Pond niches for final placement of cremains.

The following letter was received from a sweet lady after the placement of her loving husband in the new niche bank on the north shore of the Meditation Pond at Calumet Park Cemetery.  This letter is included in this facebook entry, not as a way to give special credit to Dan because he was just being Dan.  It is here because we all need to be reminded that love like this exists, is real and the loss is felt so deeply.  All of the staff at Calumet Park helps people every day of the year, whether our funeral home staff, office people, family service department or the people that oversee the grounds.  Permission was granted to put this letter on Calumet Park’s facebook page.

November 20, 2018

Board of Directors

Calumet Park Cemetery

2305 West 73rd Avenue

Merrillville, Indiana 46410


Dear Board Members,

I needn’t tell you as members of the Board of Directors of Calumet Park Cemetery that losing a loved one, any loved one, is one of life’s most painful and stressful experiences.  However, losing someone that I loved as passionately as I did my late husband brought agonizing pain for which I was totally unprepared even though I knew of the unthinkable for the previous fifteen months.  Thankfully I received and continue to receive consolation and support from dear family members and friends.

Occasionally someone new to me provided solace as well.  One such person is a dedicated and sensitive employee of yours, Dan Moran.  I met Dan briefly on my first visit to the cemetery.  He stepped into the office where I was completing paperwork, introduced himself, and provided me with a business card.  I am so incredibly thankful that he did.  I contacted him a few days later to voice a concern but couldn’t initially speak through a deluge of tears.  Dan was genuinely impacted, and after speaking with him, I sensed his sincerity and that he would absolutely resolve any issue I identified.  And of course he did.

One issue that I will be eternally grateful to him and the Board is understanding how important it was to me, to us, that the inscription, “With all my love, always” be included on our niches.  Joe signed hundreds of cards and letters using these five words for 56 years.  Those five words reflect a love story the depth of which is difficult to express, let alone explain.  Five words, two lives, one love.

I wish to commend Dan for the tender and professional manner in which he conducted himself each time we met or spoke.  He is, needless to say, an incredible asset to Calumet Park Cemetery.  Whoever had the foresight and insight to hire him also needs to be commended.


Diane Z.