Good week for colored leaf watching at Calumet Park.

It is a beautiful fall day in Merrillville.  Below are some random shots of Calumet Park Cemetery at the corner of 73rd and Taft in Merrillville, Indiana.  From atop the hill of crosses, it feels like the property is endless.  There are over 400 acres of land owned by Calumet Park, with 170 developed.  There are thousands of graves available from all price ranges in the area that is currently developed.  At approximately 1100 burials per acre and at the current rate of usage, Calumet Park has land for close to 550 years.  This means that it is OK to not worry about using up all the land.  In fact, there are seven different possibilities for permanent placement of cremains, along with private and community mausoleums, flush bronze on granite sections, flush granite sections, above ground monument sections and so much more.

Meditation Pond with fountain, bridge, niches, waterfalls and gazebo.
Crucifixion monument at Priest’s Circle.
Meditation Pond Niches which allow etchings of loved ones on the niche fronts.
Meditation Waterfalls.
Meditation Pond with fountain and bridge.
Meditation Pond fountain,.
First of many planned signs that will be placed around the cemetery describing features and history of the cemetery.
Monument memorializing the lost souls of American Eagle crash on Halloween night so many years ago.
Garden surrounding the American Eagle Memorial is designed in the shape of an angel if seen from above. Shown is the left wing.
Monument with names of all whose lives were cut short on that cold and wet evening.
Right wing of angel.
Some of the names of those unfortunate souls.
American flag at the SE corner of the Veteran Section (Section 17)
Crosses on the Hill…first phase of this holy place.
Standing beneath the crosses and looking north. Notice all the land space for future development as needed.
Looking N/NE from the hill.
Write your own thought or prayer as you view this photo.
Hundreds of acres of undeveloped land looking west from atop the hill.
Look S/SW from atop the hill.

Mark you calendars for Veterans Day, November 11 at 11:00 a.m. for a Memorial Service for veterans. Call 769-8803 for details.

November 29 will be the Angel Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rendina Funeral Chapel  from 6-8 p.m. (call early to reserve your angel and come early to have time to pick up your angel before the ceremony begins.  Call 980-1141 for details.

December 1 will be the Angel Tree Lighting Ceremony at Merrillvile Funeral Chapel and will be from 3-5 p.m..  Try to come early to get your angel and to get good seats. Call 736-5840 for details.

December 8 will be the Angel Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Hobart Chapel on County Line Road in Hobart near the Apple Orchard.  The time for this event will be from 3-5 p.m. Call 940-3791 for details.

Call now to reserve your angel.

Happy thanksgiving to all.  You are all appreciated.