A caterpillar enters life, lives and eats up in trees,

She knows not God’s plans, her life’s  a mystery.

She’s fuzzy and “footy” and grazes on leaves…

Forever a caterpillar, is what she believes.

When her change comes, she’ll spin a cocoon

and for a short time she’ll feel she is doomed.

In time with God’s planning, as a caterpillar she’ll die…

to be born again soon as a pretty butterfly.

And so goes our lives, from our births until death…

our time here on earth, but one of God’s breaths.

So, when the time we are given is lived and is done…

trust in God’s promise.  He’ll unite as as one.

It hurts to see a loved one in a casketed cocoon,

just remember the butterfly…and let Him heal your wounds.

By Daniel Moran