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The last post of this series asked the question as to why people don’t make their pre-need cemetery and funeral arrangements.  The answer is very simple:  most people don’t know how to go about pre-planning or are afraid to ask.

A simple call (769-8803) to set up an appointment is really all it takes, or stop by the cemetery and one of our professional family service counselors will be glad to go over the options and pricing with you.  With Calumet Park Cemetery, you may set up a payment plan with no interest to make your complete arrangements or piece it together in a step-by-step fashion that fits your budget.

In just five years you could have everything arranged, bought and paid for and never have to think of the issue again until the time of need.  What a great gift to give to your family.  They will know that your final goodbye was just as you wanted it to be and you did not leave them with the burden of the final expenses.

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